Bayou City Women's Chorus

Section Leaders
Soprano 1 - Katy Zorn
Soprano 2 - Kit Cutrone
Alto 1 - Debora Yawn
Alto 2 - Glenda Redworth

Membership Chair
Elizabeth Foster

​Mentor  Co-Chairs
Nadine Greene

Chorus Leadership

Gay Men's Chorus of Houston

Section Leaders
Tenor - Monnie bond
Baritone - Jeff Tipps
Bass - Clay Kirby

Membership Chair
Mark Hardy

​Mentor  Co-Chairs
Alan Adolph

Are there other singing opportunities?

Yes, as a member of GMCH or BCWC, one also becomes a member of the Bayou City Chorale (BCC). We also feature several auditioned small ensemble groups that perform at regular concerts and other special engagements.


I am not ready for the stage. What else can I do to help?

If you are not comfortable being on stage with GMCH or BCWC  just yet, you may become a Non-Performing Member. These individuals help the organization in all manner of volunteer roles based upon skills and preference--including recruiting, choreography, clerical, marketing, fundraising, box office, and other areas. BCPA is a volunteer-driven organization, and can always use a helping hand! To volunteer, send an email to and ask our Volunteer Coordinator for an "Area of Volunteer Interest" form and we will be glad to mail, e-mail or fax one to you.

General FAQs

Where does the chorus rehearse?

The Gay Men's Chorus of Houston GMCH rehearses at

Resurrection Metropolitan Community Church
2025 W 11th Street
Houston, TX 77008 

The Bayou City Women's Chorus BCWC rehearses at

St. Paul’s United Methodist Church
5401 Fannin Street
Houston, TX 77004 In the Museum District

Where does the chorus perform?

GMCH and BCWC perform their regular concerts at Resurrection Metropolitan Community Church, 2025 W 11th Street, Houston, TX 77008.  Together, the Bayou City Chorale often performs at Festival Hill Institute in Round Top, TX in December. Other special appearances and free concerts may be scheduled throughout the season at various venues.

What is the financial commitment?

It is the policy of BCPA that no member is denied participation based upon financial limitation, and we offer a scholarship program to assist with dues and other limited expenses. However, dues help defray our operating costs, and singers are expected to pay dues except in hardship situations. Basic membership dues are $180 for the full September through June season, payable in two increments. This does not include the cost of standard formal performance attire, typically a one-time expense of $100 and up. Additional expenses may be incurred for attire, costumes, props, special rehearsals, and special events.

Joining is Easy

Joining is easy! Our choruses
do not require an audition.
Instead, we would rather
help you work to become a
better singer. After all, you
don't get better without
practice! Here, you will find
a family--men and/or women
​who have come together to sing regardless of one's race, creed, age, religion, or sexual orientation.


We strive to be the best face of diversity for the city of Houston!